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Service: Water pollution   

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67% Water Quality
Browser does not support script. Private Water Supplies For those who extract their drinking water from private boreholes, springs and wells. Mains Water Supply We also examine the quality of the mains water in our food manufacturers, including breweries and other food industries.
Bedford Borough Council

58% Pollution Information
Browser does not support script. BONFIRES - information on bonfires and smoke LIGHT - information on light pollution ODOUR - information on odour and smells AIR QUALITY - information on air quality and pollution prevention & control.
Bedford Borough Council

50% Contaminated Land
Browser does not support script. Examples include the dumping of chemicals or waste, or the toxic by-products of mining and extraction industries. The Local Authority is responsible for agreeing the most appropriate action and ensuring it is taken.
Bedford Borough Council

41% Woodland Cemetery Area
Browser does not support script. Those relatives of the deceased wishing to use Woodland/Meadow burial will be required to meet a number of criteria. Criteria for Woodland Burial. If you would like further information about Woodland Burials please click here.
Bedford Borough Council

24% Report Flooding from Public Sewers and Burst Water Pipes
Browser does not support script. Report Flooding from Public Sewers and Burst Water Pipes If exceptional weather has caused the public sewer to flood, your property could be affected both internally and externally. Tel (24hrs): Re port a Leak: 0800 771 881.
Bedford Borough Council

15% Light Pollution
Browser does not support script. Problems can be caused when the lighting is too bright or inappropriately sited, thereby intruding into neighbouring properties. If you are affected by light pollution, you should approach the person responsible to try to come to an agreement.
Bedford Borough Council

15% Industial Pollution Permitted Processes
Browser does not support script. Where as the Environment Agency regulates the larger industries, which are known as Part A1 installations. Alternatively if you wish to view a hard copy please call 01234 718099 and make an appointment.
Bedford Borough Council

13% Report Flooding from Surface Water and Ground Water
Browser does not support script. You are here: Home Page > Environment and Planning > Regulatory Services > Flood Risk Management > Report it > Surface Water & Ground Water. Report it Online: Flood Incident & Drainage Issue Report Form.
Bedford Borough Council

13% Pollution Prevention and Control Act
Browser does not support script. For example, copies of all applications for permits and details of any monitoring that has been carried out and any legal action that has been taken against site Operators is all contained in the register.
Bedford Borough Council

13% Dust
Browser does not support script. The generation of dust is controlled within several pieces of legislation, including Town and Country Planning laws and the Environmental Protection Act 1990. (b) Receiving and storing material in tankers, bags or silos;
Bedford Borough Council


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