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Service: Verge maintenance   

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5% Highways
Highways Bedford Borough Council is responsible for the improvement, maintenance and development of the public highway network within the Borough, excluding the A1, the A421 and the A428 (from the A1 to the Borough boundary) which are Trunk Roads and are therefore the responsibility of Highways England.
Bedford Borough Council

PDF documents
98% [PDF] Item 8 Highway Tree and Verge Maintenance PDF
8(1) Agenda Item 8 For publication BEDFORD BOROUGH COUNCIL - REPORT TO ENVIRONMENT POLICY REVIEW & DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE. 8(7) To try and increase public donations the intention is to develop a proposal for a re-launch of the Tree Fund to see if further interest can be developed in the scheme.
Bedford Borough Council

66% [PDF] Item 6 Reference from Environment PRD PDF
6(1) Agenda Item No. The grass maintenance specification covers a number of different operations including aeration, rose pruning, litter removal and edging as well as the principle operation of grass cutting. Newly planted trees are particularly vulnerable and are susceptible to damage from vehicles and from climatic factors.
Bedford Borough Council

41% [PDF] Highways Maintenance Review PDF
Agenda Item 8 For Publication Environment Regeneration and Corporate Services Policy Review and Development Committee Date: 1 September 2009 Author: Head of Highways Subject: Review of Highways Maintenance 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1.1 This report provides members with background information as a precursor to its planned review of highways maintenance as agreed by Committee at its meeting in July 2009.
Bedford Borough Council

30% [PDF] 2017-2018 Drainage Works
Bedford Borough Council Highways Maintenance programme 2017- 2018 11:5530/04/2018 C1849 Drainage Maintenance Bromham Road Install length of new 200m carrier drain within the carriageway to alleviate surface water flooding Bromham and Biddenham Biddenham Jan-18 29/03/2018 C1848 Drainage Maintenance Grange Lane, Bromham Repair a 20 metre length of carrier drain within the grass verge Bromham and...
Bedford Borough Council

28% [PDF] 2004 11 15 Executive Report Item 10 Highway Maintenance and Section 42 of the Highways Act0
10(1) Agenda Item No. Under a S42 the County Council would maintain principal roads and former trunk roads such as the A428 and A6 and interconnecting village roads. Section 42 would allow this. The Borough currently undertake between 20 to 22 cuts per year on an amenity basis.
Bedford Borough Council

24% [PDF] Item 12 Position Statement Verge Parking
12( 1) Agenda Item 12 For publication Position Statement To: All Members of the Environment & Sustainable Communities Overview and Scrutiny Committee From: Head of Highways Subject: Position Statement on Verge Parking Date: 19th April 2012 Bedford's Parking Strategy (2011 - 2021) was approved by the Executive on 10th November 2010 as one of the 8 key strategies which support Local Transport...
Bedford Borough Council

5% [PDF] Item 10 Work Programme PDF
10(1) Agenda Item No. 10(2) Concessionary Fares: To receive a report on take-up under the new scheme from the Director of Finance at the October meeting; To receive a briefing note from the Head of Environment and Street Services.
Bedford Borough Council

3% [PDF] Item 14.3 rac5577 - Provisional Outturn 2011-2012 - Appendix F - Capital Variances, item 34. PDF
APPENDIX F CAPITAL PROGRAMME 2011/2012 - Net Variances and Slippage Agresso Description Net Slippage Net Code Variance to 2012/2013 Variance Prefix '000 '000 '000 Directorate - Adult Services 31067 Bedford International Athletic Stadium -5 0 -5 32007 Private Sector Renewal - Disabled Facilities Grants -411 411 0 32008 Private Sector Renewal - Discretionary Grants / loans -31 31 0 35007...
Bedford Borough Council

3% [PDF] Item 14.3 rac5577 - Provisional Outturn 2011-2012 - Appendix E - Capital Oututrn, item 34. PDF
APPENDIX E CAPITAL PROGRAMME OUTTURN - 2011/2012 CURRENT YEAR (2011/12) Gross Income Net Agresso Description Gross Gross Gross Income Income Income Net Net Net Code Budget Spend Variance Budget Actuals Variance Budget Spend Variance Prefix '000 '000 '000 '000 '000 '000 '000 '000 '000 Directorate - Adult Services 31064 Saracen's Head St Paul's Square 31 31 0 -31 -31 0 0 0 0 31066 Cecil...
Bedford Borough Council


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