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98% Protected Trees
Browser does not support script. The full details of how to do this can be found by clicking on the following link Pre-application Advice . To access the TPO planning application form please click here.
Bedford Borough Council

58% Terms and Conditions
Browser does not support script. The data was captured against Ordnance Survey digital mapping products under licence. Your continued use of this PublicAccess website indicates your acceptance to be bound by these terms and conditions.
Bedford Borough Council

56% Planning Town and Country
Planning Town and Country HOW TO APPLY FOR PLANNING ADVICE PLANNING FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. Reporting a planning problem Appealing against a decision Contact planning & access our Service Plan Planning Policy Documents Planning Policy and its purpose Planning Policy consultations Technical Studies Buying Planning Policy documents Neighbourhood Planning Conservation, Archaeology &...
Bedford Borough Council

43% Planning How To Guides
Browser does not support script. Planning How To Guides You are here: Home Page > Environment and Planning > Planning Town and Country > Search Plans Page > Planning How To Guides. HOW TO GUIDE 6 - How to complete a householder planning application form.
Bedford Borough Council

37% Planning Application Forms
Browser does not support script. Please note that conservation area consent is only required to demolish a building / structure which is bigger than 115 cubic metres OR if a fence or wall is to be removed. if the works relate to a householder application the usual fee would be 172 therefore the fee for the certificate would be 86.
Bedford Borough Council

15% Conservation Areas Appraisals and Management Plan
Browser does not support script. The purpose of such an exercise is to define the special nature and distinctiveness of the area in order to enable well founded decisions to be made about its future management. and open space and trees.
Bedford Borough Council

9% Local View Terms and Conditions
Browser does not support script. You are granted a non-exclusive, royalty free, revocable licence solely to view the Licensed Data for non-commercial purposes for the period during which Bedford Borough Council and GeoPlace LLP make it available. NMR also hold an equivalent number of entries for listed buildings in a separate database.
Bedford Borough Council

9% Historic Areas and Buildings
Browser does not support script. Conservation Area Maps The maps below show the conservation areas within the Bedford Borough area. Carlton and Chellington . Section 6 - 7-8.2. When a building is listed, it means:.
Bedford Borough Council

5% Community Tree Trust
Browser does not support script. Community Tree Trust . Growing and harvesting young saplings and tree. Related Links Council Tax Information Education Planning Services Housing Legal Disclaimer Privacy Policy Accessibility Statement Statistics Copyright 2016 Bedford Borough Council - all other trademarks are acknowledged as belonging to their respective owners.
Bedford Borough Council

PDF documents
98% [PDF] 2003 01 13 Planning Committee Report Tree Preservation Order 13-2002 The Laws House Turvey0
Item 6(5) page - 1 6(5) TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING ACT 1990 THE LAWS HOUSE, HIGH STREET, TURVEY, BEDFORDSHIRE (BEDFORD BOROUGH) TREE PRESERVATION ORDER NO 13/2002 (a) Introduction and Reason for Report: To consider representations in respect of the above.
Bedford Borough Council


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