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100% 20mph Speed Limits
Browser does not support script. 20mph zones are very effective at preventing injuries and their greater use, especially in residential areas, would help to reduce the number of traffic injuries in the UK.
Bedford Borough Council

98% Average Speed Cameras
Browser does not support script. Any payment made by those drivers who choose to exceed the speed limit and are detected either fund the delivery of a speed awareness course or is paid via the court service to the treasury.
Bedford Borough Council

98% Speed Limits
Browser does not support script. Speed Limits Speed limits are set for various reasons but one of the primary considerations is safety. MPH. Cars and Motorcycles Towing caravans or trailers (Including car derived vans up to 2 tonnes maximum laden weight ). 30.
Bedford Borough Council

81% Proposed Traffic Regulation Orders
Browser does not support script. Grange Lane, Bromham. Plan. Dover Crescent. Hurst Grove, Queens Park, Bedford. 06/04/18. Various roads of Bedford ( Goldington & Newnham Ward). Sturmer Road. 18/01/18. (Implemented).
Bedford Borough Council

77% Community Speed Watch
Browser does not support script. Yes, when you have registered you will be offered training and asked if it is ok to share your contact details with other volunteers who live locally, then you can contact each other to arrange suitable times and locations to run Speed Watch sessions.
Bedford Borough Council

50% Safer Routes to School
Browser does not support script. What should go where depends very much on the individual circumstances, as well as the legal regulations by which all Councils are bound in relation to some types of engineering works.
Bedford Borough Council

45% School Crossing Patrol Service
Browser does not support script. The act enabled police officers and traffic wardens to concentrate on their other duties. During school holidays you will receive 4 weeks full pay and 9 weeks half pay. Bedford Borough Council Road Safety Team .
Bedford Borough Council

37% Highways
Highways Bedford Borough Council is responsible for the improvement, maintenance and development of the public highway network within the Borough, excluding the A1, the A421 and the A428 (from the A1 to the Borough boundary) which are Trunk Roads and are therefore the responsibility of Highways England.
Bedford Borough Council

33% Safety Camera Data
Browser does not support script. Browser does not support script. The link below will direct you to site by site collision, casualty and speed information for fixed camera sites in the Bedford Borough area.
Bedford Borough Council

33% Transporting Bedford 2020
Browser does not support script. High Street decluttering: Removal of all unnecessary guardrail, signals and lines to reduce vehicle prominence and create an environment where all transport modes feel welcome.
Bedford Borough Council


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