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56% New School Competition
Browser does not support script. The first will be in the development North of Bromham Road (the A428). Specification. Related Links Council Tax Information Education Planning Services Housing Legal Disclaimer Privacy Policy Accessibility Statement Statistics Copyright 2016 Bedford Borough Council - all other trademarks are acknowledged as belonging to their respective owners.
Bedford Borough Council

56% Free School Meals
Browser does not support script. Universal Credit Children who receive any of the qualifying benefits listed above in their own right, are also eligible to receive free school meals. Q. Your child's meals may stop if we cannot contact you. A.
Bedford Borough Council

56% Contact the Education Welfare Service
Browser does not support script. Education Welfare Service contacts Colin Foster Assistant Director - Chief Education Officer. Children Missing Education & Child Employment Officer (p/t mornings only).
Bedford Borough Council

56% About the Education Welfare Service
Browser does not support script. Your responsibilities Your responsibility is to make sure that your child receives an effective education. When other professionals contact us about your child, we will assume that they have told you that they are doing so.
Bedford Borough Council

56% Parenting Orders - non school attandance
Browser does not support script. The Parenting Order may be given for a period of up to 12 months and could require you to have regular contact with a Supervising Officer during the length of the Order.
Bedford Borough Council

56% School Attendance and The Law
Browser does not support script. If your child is registered at a school, you must make sure the child attends that school regularly. Evidence for prosecution will be supplied by the school in the form of an attendance certificate signed by the headteacher.
Bedford Borough Council

56% Education Welfare Service
Education Welfare Service The Education Welfare Service supports parents and schools in ensuring all children have acceptable levels of school attendance in Bedford Borough. We also have responsibilities to do with protecting children from abuse and danger, protecting children in employment and licensing children in entertainment, modelling and sport.
Bedford Borough Council

54% Services to Academies
Browser does not support script. Browser does not support script. Browser does not support script. Services to Academies You can access services to academies. Don't Miss. All rights reserved. Browser does not support script.
Bedford Borough Council

49% Training for Schools
Browser does not support script. ** New Training Directory 2016-17! Care, Learning and Development for 2 Year Olds Training. This section explains how we support people of all ages who may need care either at home or in another setting.
Bedford Borough Council

49% Parental Support
Browser does not support script. SEND Advice offers free, confidential information and support to parents/carers of children who have, or may have, special educational needs. They can be contacted on (01234) 718120 or by email admissions@bedford.gov.uk.
Bedford Borough Council


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