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39% Triple P
You are here: Home Page > Council and Democracy > Council News > Archived News > May 2016 > Triple P. Bedford Borough Council's Early Help team have joined forces with partners from the voluntary sector and schools to deliver the Triple P - 'Positive Parenting Program' which offers parents simple tips and practical strategies to help manage the big and small problems of family life...
Bedford Borough Council Frequently Asked Questions

39% Triple P
Browser does not support script. Browser does not support script. Triple P Triple P - taking the guess work out of parenting. the Council's Early Help Team; Or alternatively, visit us at www.bedford.gov.uk/earlyhelp. All rights reserved.
Bedford Borough Council

22% Parenting Orders
Browser does not support script. a child of whom is made subject of an Anti-social Behaviour Order or a Sex Offender Order, and a child under 10 whom is made subject to a Child Safety Order. What if I cannot attend or I am ill?.
Bedford Borough Council

15% Kempston Youth Centre
Browser does not support script. Listen to this page We use cookies, please read our privacy policy for further information Welcome to Bedford Borough Council Advanced Search Site Map Contact Us Help Our Services A - Z : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Main Menu Home Page Education and Learning Children and Young People LINK Vice Versa Young Carers Children in Care Council...
Bedford Borough Council

13% Online abuse and safety
Browser does not support script. and new industry-led initiatives to help children be safe online. how to keep children safe; The Lucy Faithfull Foundation has launched a new campaign to deter people from viewing child abuse images online.
Bedford Borough Council

11% Early Help
Browser does not support script. The term Early Help is used to describe the process of taking action early and as soon as possible to tackle problems emerging for children, young people and their families. The Early Help Team comprises of 6 Early Help Professionals (EHPs) attached to school cluster localities.
Bedford Borough Council

PDF documents
67% [PDF] Triple P Positive Parenting Programme
R I G H T S U P P O RT RIGHT ACTIO N R I G H T T I M E Early Help Positive Parenting Information Leaflet R I G H T S U P P O R T RIGH T A C TI ON RIGHT TIM E CS032_16 design@bedford.gov.uk Contact us If you are a school, voluntary, or community organisation and would like us to deliver a Triple P seminar, discussion or group, please email or phone What is the Early Help Parenting offer?
Bedford Borough Council

39% [PDF] May 2016
Issue 6 May 2016 Borough Monthly Healthy relationships equal a healthy mind See page 2 New 'Triple P' Parenting Programme see page 4 Bedford's Big High Street Showcase see page 5 The Davis Cup comes to Bedford!
Bedford Borough Council

39% [PDF] Early Years strategy refresh 16.17. appendix for Scrutiny (2)
1 Early Years Strategy Action Plan- 2016/17 Outcomes to be achieved At least 70%of children will reach a Good Level of Development at the end of the Foundation Stage Gap narrowed All children in Bedford Borough have the opportunit y to attend an early years setting judged to be at least Good Bedford Borough is in the statistical neighbour top quarter for results at the end of Foundation Stage 2016...
Bedford Borough Council

39% [PDF] Item 7 - Sure Start Children's Centres in Bedford Borough
7 (1) Agenda Item 7 For publication Bedford Borough Council - Children's Services Schools and Families Overview and Scrutiny Committee Date of Meeting: 19 November 2012 Report by: Interim Executive Director of Children's Services, Schools and Families Subject: SURE START CHILDREN'S CENTRES IN BEDFORD BOROUGH OVERVIEW OF CURRENT SERVICES AND FUTURE SERVICE DELIVERY 1.
Bedford Borough Council


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