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98% Mobile Home and Caravan Site Licensing
Browser does not support script. Site Licence Holders must follow a set procedure for changes to be made to "site rules" for a permanent residual home site. Bedford Road, Ravenden, Bedford MK44 2RA. residential, static holiday or touring.
Bedford Borough Council

66% Gypsies and Travellers
Browser does not support script. Such unauthorised encampments can have a dramatic impact on the day-to-day lives of our local residents and neighbours. BBC Complaints Procedures. Weekly rent for the Willow Drift Caravan site is 80.50 per pitch. Their services are designed by service users for service users.
Bedford Borough Council

15% Housing Development and Policy
Browser does not support script. The feedback received via a recent consultation survey has helped inform the development of the Homelessness Strategy 2016 - 2021. Housing impacts on many areas of everyday life.
Bedford Borough Council

5% Tenancy Fraud
Browser does not support script. In 2012 it was reported that at least 2-4% of all social housing is subject to some form of Tenancy Fraud, nationally this equates to around 100,000 homes being abused.
Bedford Borough Council

1% Disabled Facilities Grants
Browser does not support script. The maximum grant available is 30,000 subject to a means test. Adapting heating or lighting controls to make them easier to use. Related Links Housing Benefits myhome options Legal Disclaimer Privacy Policy Accessibility Statement Statistics Copyright 2018 Bedford Borough Council - all other trademarks are acknowledged as belonging to their respective owners....
Bedford Borough Council

PDF documents
100% [PDF] Mobile Homes Act 1983 Tenancy Agreement
Written Statement in relation to the Mobile Homes Act 1983 IMPORTANT PLEASE READ THIS STATEMENT CAREFULLY AND KEEP IT IN A SAFE PLACE. and (iii) to which a majority of the occupiers have not disagreed in writing or which, in the case of such disagreement, the court, on the application of the owner, has ordered should be taken into account when determining the amount of the new pitch fee;
Bedford Borough Council

100% [PDF] HMOs - The Mobile Homes Act 1983
Company South Beds District Council SourceModified D:20051201092916 The Mobile Homes Act 1983 The Act Who is affected by the 'The Mobile Homes Act 1983'? A resident can only be made to leave the site and remove his or her mobile home if the agreement has been brought to an end (see above) and if the site owner has obtained an eviction order from the court.
Bedford Borough Council

96% [PDF] Mobile Homes Q&A _Nov 2013
RESIDENTIAL MOBILE HOME / CARAVAN SITE GUIDANCE Land owners must not allow their land to be used as a caravan site unless it has the correct planning permission in place and holds a valid site licence.
Bedford Borough Council

37% [PDF] Bedford Borough Local Plan
_EmailSubject for DC team meeting _AuthorEmailDisplayName Susan Garbutt _AuthorEmail SGarbutt@bedford.gov.uk _AdHocReviewCycleID 1249637623 _PreviousAdHocReviewCycleID 1036809943 Company Bedford Borough Council SourceModified D:20130716110345 Bedford Borough Local Plan - Policies 17 July 2013 The following list shows all the policies of the Local Plan adopted in October 2002.
Bedford Borough Council

9 (2) 1 BEDFORD BOROUGH COUNCIL Agenda Item No. No enforcement notice appeals have been received within the reporting period, but four appeals have been received against refusals of retrospective planning applications3.
Bedford Borough Council


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