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100% Litter Bins
Browser does not support script. Bedford Borough Council assesses the need for bins according to the use of the area and if necessary will install them on an adopted public highway or on open land under our direct control.
Bedford Borough Council

69% Dog Waste Bins
Browser does not support script. Research into public attitude towards littering and refuse consistently shows that dog fouling is at the top of the list in terms of level of concern and offence caused. The larvae mature rapidly in the puppy's intestines.
Bedford Borough Council

62% Graffiti Removal
Browser does not support script. You can also help the Council to catch those committing these offences by taking photos that document the graffiti, and the time and location where it has taken place.
Bedford Borough Council

62% Littering
Browser does not support script. Littering is most commonly assumed to include materials associated with smoking and consuming food, confectionery or beverages that are improperly discarded and left by members of the public. Orange peel, banana skins and apple cores can last up to 2 years, while cigarette butts are thought to take between 2 and 500 years to break down completely.
Bedford Borough Council

60% Street Naming and Numbering
Browser does not support script. Proposals to name or rename a new or existing building or access-way should be submitted to the Council for approval at least ten weeks before the premises are due to be occupied. Names of three syllables or less are generally preferred.
Bedford Borough Council

60% Street Lighting
Browser does not support script. Browser does not support script. Browser does not support script. However, some types of fault take longer to complete (e.g. From parking to public transport, roads, pavements, parking and much more, this section tells you everything you need to know about transport and streets in the borough of Bedford. Browser does not support script.
Bedford Borough Council

60% Flytipping Information
Browser does not support script. general household waste large domestic items (e.g. You could also face the same penalties if:. Some DIY waste can be taken to your local Household Waste Site but there are some restrictions, both on the amount of waste you can take and the vehicle you use to take it to the HWRC.
Bedford Borough Council

56% Recycle on the go
Browser does not support script. It is hoped that dual recycling and litter bins will encourage people to think twice about what to do with their rubbish when out and about, helping us to increase the amount of waste that is recycled and reduce landfill costs whilst also improving street scenes throughout the Borough.
Bedford Borough Council

52% Household Bins on Streets
Browser does not support script. Is it okay to leave bins out on the pavement or road after collection? This is especially a concern along narrow pavements with limited room to walk, where those using the pavement maybe forced to move into the road.
Bedford Borough Council

52% Street Care & Cleaning
Street Care & Cleaning The provision of a street cleansing service is a statutory requirement which relates to the cleansing of the Borough's public highways to meet statutory standards of cleanliness.
Bedford Borough Council


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