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100% Domestic Abuse
Browser does not support script. Financial . MARAC are pleased to provide you with updated documentation to assist with your agencies participation in MARAC. Daughter-mother relationships meanwhile accounted for 10.8% of reported incidents whilst daughter-father confrontations were just 1.9%.
Bedford Borough Council

100% Domestic Abuse
Browser does not support script. Or children may be forced to take part in verbally abusing the victim. An average of 20 cases are referred to Bedford Borough MARAC each month (based on data from April 2012 - March 2013).
Bedford Borough Council

100% Infant mortality
Browser does not support script. (4.1. 5.1). Mothers with multiple births (twins, triplets or more) Mothers from Black ethnic groups Mothers not born in the UK Single mothers and mothers who register their baby alone Families in routine and manual socio economic groups Mothers aged less than 20 Mothers who smoke Mothers who are obese.
Bedford Borough Council

100% Children's Centres
Browser does not support script. Activities vary from fun play sessions to family support and all Children's Centre Networks provide:. The Children's Centre will enter your information onto a secure database and keep you updated.
Bedford Borough Council

100% Community Centres and facilities
Browser does not support script. The majority of centres are buildings owned by the Borough Council but two are leased by the Council from the local Diocese. Facilities vary, and depend mainly on the size of the community centre.
Bedford Borough Council

100% Myths About Domestic Abuse - Beds Domestic Violence
24 Hour National Domestic violence helpline 0808 2000 247. Abuse prevents the victim from being able to lead a normal and productive life; Domestic abuse is a family matter. It is common that victims will often walk on eggshells to prevent further incidents of abuse.
100% Male Victims - Beds Domestic Violence
24 Hour National Domestic violence helpline 0808 2000 247. Concerns they will be accused and/or assumed to be the abuser Men are worried they will not be believed when disclosing abuse If children are involved, male victims are worried they won't get to see their children again To read our blog on male victims and the difficulties with disclosing the abuse please click here.
98% Community and Voluntary Service
Browser does not support script. and provides services, support and advice to local charities, community groups and social enterprises that deliver social action. 01234 354366. This website provides information on the services delivered by Bedford Borough Council.
Bedford Borough Council

98% Tobacco control (Adults)
Browser does not support script. Smoking at time of delivery is related to significant demographic differences and factors relating to inequalities and deprivation. Nice Guidelines PH10. Current Activity.
Bedford Borough Council

98% Smoking (Young People)
Browser does not support script. These young people have very high rates of smoking. For 2013/14, 31 first time attended, 27 set a quit date resulting in 10 who succeeded in quitting which equates to 37% conversion rate from setting a quit date.
Bedford Borough Council


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