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Service: House Numbering (Street numbering and naming)   

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98% Street Naming and Numbering
Browser does not support script. Proposals to name or rename a new or existing building or access-way should be submitted to the Council for approval at least ten weeks before the premises are due to be occupied. Names of three syllables or less are generally preferred.
Bedford Borough Council

73% Highways
Highways Bedford Borough Council is responsible for the improvement, maintenance and development of the public highway network within the Borough, excluding the A1, the A421 and the A428 (from the A1 to the Borough boundary) which are Trunk Roads and are therefore the responsibility of Highways England.
Bedford Borough Council

50% Street Lighting
Browser does not support script. Browser does not support script. Browser does not support script. However, some types of fault take longer to complete (e.g. From parking to public transport, roads, pavements, parking and much more, this section tells you everything you need to know about transport and streets in the borough of Bedford. Browser does not support script.
Bedford Borough Council

47% Number jacks
Browser does not support script. The Numberjacks TV series won the Royal Television Society Award for Best Pre-school Educational programme two years in a row, acting as a building block for young children to learn about numbers, shapes and sizes in a fun and exciting way.
Bedford Borough Council

47% St Mary's Street closure - Frequently Asked Questions and Info
Browser does not support script. The remaining section outside the Magistrate's Court is to be carried out on Sunday 20th November (to be confirmed). We will also be reconstructing the eastern footpath.
Bedford Borough Council

45% Flyposting
Browser does not support script. It is:. the posters removed the offender may be fined warning letters will be sent a formal caution will be issued prosecutions will be made . Related Links Collection Day Finder Bulky Waste What Goes In Each Bin?
Bedford Borough Council

41% Litter Bins
Browser does not support script. Bedford Borough Council assesses the need for bins according to the use of the area and if necessary will install them on an adopted public highway or on open land under our direct control.
Bedford Borough Council

41% Dog Waste Bins
Browser does not support script. Research into public attitude towards littering and refuse consistently shows that dog fouling is at the top of the list in terms of level of concern and offence caused. The larvae mature rapidly in the puppy's intestines.
Bedford Borough Council

41% Abandoned Shopping Trolleys
Browser does not support script. Browser does not support script. car parks. If you notice a shopping trolley abandoned please report it to the supermarket directly, or to the organisations listed below. IKEA.
Bedford Borough Council

41% September 2011
Browser does not support script. delete the banjax Youth Care Information Evening Bedford Comedy and Short Film Festival Modernisation Programme 2012 Town Centre launch of Bedford High Street regeneration Vital works to Goldington Road Woodworks festival Don't Miss.
Bedford Borough Council


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