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100% Elective Home Education
Browser does not support script. For further information please contact June McDonald PLACE Co-Ordinator. Will my child become socially awkward?. What are some of the different approaches to home education?.
Bedford Borough Council

58% 1- 11 Feb 2018
You are here: Home Page > Council and Democracy > Data Protection, FOI & EIR > Freedom of Information > FOI and EIR Disclosure Log > 1- 11 Feb 2018. Bedford. or. 3) Please can you tell me how many of those who received compensation were cyclists?
Bedford Borough Council Frequently Asked Questions

58% 1- 11 Feb 2018
Browser does not support script. Pending. Please accept this email as a request for the following information, in relation to the property known at:. or. 3.7 (c) - Environmental Health Department, Bedford Borough Council. 2013-14.
Bedford Borough Council

18% Decision details
Ombudsman's Report on Home Tuition ((Report of Assistant Chief Executive (Governance) enclosed) Find out more about this issue Decision Maker: Executive. Description of Decision. (3). Date of decision: 16/09/2009.
Bedford Borough Council

3% Who are we
Browser does not support script. Monitoring of Education, Health and Care plans: Once an EHCP has been written and finalised it is our responsibility to monitor the provision outlined on it, through the Annual Review process, the Annual Review meeting is held by the educational setting that the child attends.
Bedford Borough Council

3% Decisions
Please click here to access the individual Executive Decisions database. Effective from: 26/09/2009. That a SMARTCARD based alternative to the current youth travel token scheme be piloted. To update and re-brand safeguarding literature and public information to reflect best practice.
Bedford Borough Council

PDF documents
100% [PDF] Home education: learning from case reviews
Page 1 of 7 Home education: learning from case reviews What case reviews tell us about elective home education March 2014 This briefing is based on seven case reviews published since 2008, where elective home education was highlighted as a key factor.
Bedford Borough Council

94% [PDF] EHE Policy
1 ELECTIVE HOME EDUCATION POLICY July 2016 (to be reviewed after one year) 2 Contents Page 1. The report will suggest timescales and arrangements for future contact to ensure progress has been made.
Bedford Borough Council

73% [PDF] Item 12 Ombudsman - Home Tuition PDF
Agenda Item No. The Council's policy on provision of education outside school makes provision only for education outside school as a result of exclusion, long-term illness or injury, and pregnancy. The Council said that it was waiting for a response from the EPS, and waiting for a response from Meadowpool, but Hamwell House had confirmed it had no places available.
Bedford Borough Council

28% [PDF] 2004 07 20 House of Industry Estate Management Committee Report Item 06 Appendix E Bedford Home Edu0
APPENDIX E Bedford Home Educators HOI 20.07.04 HOUSE OF INDUSTRY: GRANT REQUEST INFORMATION APPLICATION DETAILS Name of Applicant: Bedford Home Educators Aims and Objectives: To provide facilities and activities for home educators in Bedfordshire to enhance their social, recreational and educational lives.
Bedford Borough Council


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