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Service: Health and safety training   

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92% Health and Safety Training
Browser does not support script. Usually, whoever has control of the hazard should provide information and instruction needed in relation to it. Practical demonstration; Information includes business rates, health and safety, street trading licences and more.
Bedford Borough Council

60% Health and Safety
Browser does not support script. Visits and Inspections Health and Safety Officers may visit a premises for many reasons, including:. The notice will explain why the action is necessary and how the notice can be appealed.
Bedford Borough Council

49% Health and Safety at Work Statement
Browser does not support script. Browser does not support script. All employees have a duty to take responsible care for themselves and others and to co-operate with management to enable the Borough Council to comply with its duties.
Bedford Borough Council

35% Ill Health
Browser does not support script. Some of these health effects are acute and easy to recognise and put right, but others are chronic, long term and unable to be cured. A full list is available with HSE Form F2508A.
Bedford Borough Council

33% Safety Policies
Browser does not support script. Other employers must at least have carried out risk assessments, which are best written down, and meet all relevant health and safety requirements, including those relating to training and informing their staff. Supervisors and employees;
Bedford Borough Council

33% Gas Safety
Browser does not support script. Gas Safety Anyone who carries out work on any gas appliances, pipework or LPG cylinders and regulators must be registered with GasSafe. This means that they must be able to demonstrate that they maintain:.
Bedford Borough Council

33% Electrical Safety
Browser does not support script. electric mowers, are inspected by a competent person on a regular basis. cuts, breaks, burns etc in the outer cable cover. there must be no sign of internal damage overheating or accumulation of liquid, dust or other material.
Bedford Borough Council

32% Corporate Safety Unit
Browser does not support script. The Corporate Safety Unit are responsible for providing advice and guidance to employees of Bedford Borough Council. Jane Harbour - Corporate Safety Manager Tel. This section provides a wealth of information including details on how to make or enquire about a planning application, rubbish, waste and recycling information.
Bedford Borough Council

32% First Aid
Browser does not support script. It is important that they are able to receive immediate attention if the situation is serious, and that there are arrangements for calling an ambulance if necessary. You should select people who can be relied upon in an emergency, and you must allow them time to undertake the training.
Bedford Borough Council

30% Young People at Work
Browser does not support script. Young People at Work Young people, particularly those who are new to the workplace are at increased risk of injury. This may include prohibiting young people from certain activities or tasks.
Bedford Borough Council


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