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94% Flytipping Information
Browser does not support script. general household waste large domestic items (e.g. you allow someone to fly-tip on your land a vehicle registered to you is used to fly-tip . Hire a skip (see local telephone directory or search the internet).
Bedford Borough Council

58% Household Bins on Streets
Browser does not support script. Is it okay to leave bins out on the pavement or road after collection? This is especially a concern along narrow pavements with limited room to walk, where those using the pavement maybe forced to move into the road.
Bedford Borough Council

56% Anti-Social Behaviour
Browser does not support script. Examples of Anti-Social Behaviour include:. 01234 267422. 01234 267422. Call 101 to contact the police if the incident is not an emergency. Other Partners and Agencies may also use the following tools to tackle ASB problems:.
Bedford Borough Council

43% Waste and your Duty of Care
Browser does not support script. The impact of this Environmental Crime can be direct, e.g. For further information please view: Landlords Guide to Duty of Care - Waste From Rental Properties. Bedford Borough Council can arrange for bulky waste items to be collected from your home for a fee.
Bedford Borough Council

41% Dog Waste Bins
Browser does not support script. Irresponsible dog owners that allow their dogs to foul on our streets and playing fields not only show contempt for the environment, but also for the people that share the use of that land. When the puppy is 3-4 weeks old, it begins to produce large numbers of eggs that contaminate the environment through the animal's stools.
Bedford Borough Council

41% Street Care & Cleaning
Street Care & Cleaning The provision of a street cleansing service is a statutory requirement which relates to the cleansing of the Borough's public highways to meet statutory standards of cleanliness.
Bedford Borough Council

41% Hosted By Bedford Borough Council: Clifton Pond
Clifton Pond Clifton Pond about 1900. Harwood called attention to the wall or dam at the end of the Village Pond, and gave notice of motion that at the next meeting he should move that the said wall be repaired. Warner gave notice of motion at next meeting, that a notice be put up, prohibiting persons from throwing old pails, tins etc.
Bedfordshire County Council (Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and

39% Flyposting
Browser does not support script. It is:. the posters removed the offender may be fined warning letters will be sent a formal caution will be issued prosecutions will be made . Related Links Collection Day Finder Bulky Waste What Goes In Each Bin?
Bedford Borough Council

39% Mini Recycling Sites
Browser does not support script. Mini Recycling Sites Bedford Borough Council currently operates a network of 68 sites where residents can recycle glass, textiles, shoes and paper. Use the instructions below to help.
Bedford Borough Council

30% Online Forms
You are here: Home Page > Council and Democracy > Websites > Online Forms. Report It Abandoned Cars Anti Social Behaviour Change of Address (Council Tax) Council Tax Support - Change of Circumstances Damaged Street Nameplate Highway and Pavement Problems Housing Benefit - Change of Circumstances Blue Badge Misuse Dog Fouling Empty Homes Environmental Services Faulty Street Light Fly...
Bedford Borough Council Frequently Asked Questions


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