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Service: Flooding   

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94% The Local Flood Risk Management Strategy
Browser does not support script. The Strategy is a culmination of work carried out since the legislation was enacted in 2010, from the preliminary assessment of flood risk, strategic environmental assessment, stakeholder consultation, through to Strategy production.
Bedford Borough Council

94% The Lead Local Flood Authority
Browser does not support script. Our Roles and Responsibilities for Flood Risk Management Our new duties as a 'Lead Local Flood Authority' include:. structures or features) which, in the opinion of the authority, are likely to have a significant effect on flood risk within the Borough.
Bedford Borough Council

94% Flood Risk Management in Bedford Borough
Browser does not support script. With the anticipated effects of climate change, population growth and demographic changes meaning that major flooding events are likely to become more frequent in the UK, more is being done to ensure that this risk of flooding is better understood, prevented and reduced. We work closely with our partners to ensure that the requirements of legislation and policy...
Bedford Borough Council

94% Flooding Advice
Browser does not support script. Severe flooding of habitable buildings and property - call Beds Fire & Rescue Service by dialling 999. Check on your neighbours, especially those who are elderly or infirm and inform the Emergency Services or Flood Warden of their location .
Bedford Borough Council

92% Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment
Browser does not support script. There are however areas of local significance that will be investigated further under the Council's future 'Local Strategy '. 01/06/2011. Milton Keynes Ground Water Flooding.
Bedford Borough Council

83% What is Flood Risk?
Browser does not support script. Flood risk takes into account the harm that a flood actually causes. The other sources of flooding can be categorised as:. This type of flooding is not related to rainfall.
Bedford Borough Council

79% Have your say on how we manage flood risk!
Browser does not support script. Why your contact is important Your contact, whether you have been been affected by flooding or not, will help us to identify local issues and challenges around flooding.
Bedford Borough Council

77% Other Flood Authorities - Who does what?
Browser does not support script. Defra Defra (the Depatrment of Environmental, Rood and Rural Affairs ) has overall national responsibility for policy on flood and coastal erosion risk management, and provides funding for flood risk management authorities through flood defence grants. All meetings are open to the public.
Bedford Borough Council

75% Report Flooding from a Watercourse
Browser does not support script. Report Flooding from a Watercourse Watercourses fall into two categories, Main Rivers and Ordinary Watercourses (such as streams, channels, ditches, dykes,culverted/piped watercourses, lakes and ponds). Contact Information.
Bedford Borough Council

71% Road Flooding ,Drains and Gullies
Browser does not support script. Things to consider. In normal vehicles you should never attempt to drive through water that is more than about 25 centimetres deep (or up to the centre of your wheels). See directly above).
Bedford Borough Council


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