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96% Travel Bedford: - Cycling
i Travel Bedford promotes cycling in and around Bedford Borough. They run a variety of rides which are suitable for all levels of cyclist. The majority of road bikes have drop handlebars and are designed to be aerodynamic and speedy.
94% Travel Bedford: - Cycling Maps
i Maps to guide your cycling in and around Bedford. They run a variety of rides which are suitable for all levels of cyclist. They have an upright riding position and are ideal for cycling in traffic and commuting through town.
84% Travel Bedford: - Learning to ride
i Want to gain confidence with cycling around Bedford's roads? Phone: 01767 316054. Mountain Bikes have sturdy frames, knobbly tyres and good suspension (which helps cushion bumps). If your childaEURs school is interested in having free Bikeability sessions they need to contact Outspoken who are the CouncilaEURs delivery partner.
84% Travel Bedford: - Buying a bike
i Travel Bedford's advice on buying bikes. Website: http://ctc-bedfordshire.co.uk/. Hybrid bikes are generally great for an everyday option. For further help and support with regard to cycle training please contact the CouncilaEURs Road Safety Team on (01234) 228336 or at road.safety@bedford.gov.uk.
77% Cycling & Walking to School
Browser does not support script. All pupils should be given the opportunity to participate in cycle training and Bedford Borough Council run Bikeability level 1 and 2 training free of charge for years 5 & 6 For lower schools Bikeability level 1 cycle courses are available which provide pupils with some of the safety issues to help them and their parents gain increased confidence when riding...
Bedford Borough Council

75% Cycling - info and advice,training
Browser does not support script. Same Roads,Rights and Rules. Use front and rear lights in the morning and at night. Watch out for doors opening from parked cars and be aware of vehicles pulling out of side roads.
Bedford Borough Council

64% Cycling and Walking to School
Browser does not support script. Throughout the weeks we provide schools with promotional materials and exciting competitions and many schools continue the theme with weekly days such as Walk on Wednesdays.
Bedford Borough Council

64% Walking and Cycling
Browser does not support script. We already have around 2,000 people cycling regularly to work and around 15,000 adult residents get on their cycles every week. Looking to meet other cyclists? For further information regarding walking in Bedford please click here.
Bedford Borough Council

62% Town Centre Cycling PSPO
Browser does not support script. The introduction of the PSPO in the main pedestrian area of Bedford Town Centre represents an opportunity to put the victim of anti-social behaviour first and reassure the community that the issues that they are experiencing are being taken seriously. WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU FAIL TO COMPLY WITH THIS ORDER?.
Bedford Borough Council

54% Travel Bedford: - Bike safety
i Travel Bedford guidance on the best way to lock and secure your bike. The cycling club for the internet age: iCycle is passionate about encouraging cycling at all levels, especially those new to cycling.

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