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98% Burials FAQ
Browser does not support script. The grave is backfilled and made tidy immediately after the mourners have departed the graveside. When you buy a grave you purchase the exclusive Rights of Burial in that grave for a set period of time.
Bedford Borough Council

96% Cemetery Fees
Browser does not support script. of fascia tablet, five line inscription & Exclusive Right of Burial). 545.50. Kerb Plaque - Single. Tree Dedication for 15 years. Reserved Vase Block - additional inscription.
Bedford Borough Council

90% Woodland Cemetery Area
Browser does not support script. Those relatives of the deceased wishing to use Woodland/Meadow burial will be required to meet a number of criteria. Criteria for Woodland Burial. If you would like further information about Woodland Burials please click here.
Bedford Borough Council

90% Norse Road Cemetery
Browser does not support script. A "lawn section" method of maintenance is enforced, i.e. This is a particularly common way of interring individuals throughout Europe, particularly those of southern Europe.
Bedford Borough Council

86% Memorials
Browser does not support script. Cremated remains can be dispersed in the tree belt of this area or the tree belt around the Garden of Remembrance and either a wooden or cast bronze tree plaque can be purchased to dedicate the tree near where the cremated remains were dispersed.
Bedford Borough Council

86% Woodland Burial
Browser does not support script. Browser does not support script. Woodland Burial To complement the wide variety of interment options, we also have a Woodland Burial section. Cremated Remains Woodland Burial Plot. All rights reserved.
Bedford Borough Council

54% Deaths
Browser does not support script. Listen to this page We use cookies, please read our privacy policy for further information Welcome to Bedford Borough Council Advanced Search Site Map Contact Us Help Our Services A - Z : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Main Menu Home Page Community and Living Deaths, Funerals and Cremation Bereavement Services Deaths Obituaries Archived...
Bedford Borough Council

54% Foster Hill Road Cemetery
Browser does not support script. Foster Hill Road Cemetery Bedford Cemetery - Foster Hill Road. They are a charity organisation who promote the cultural, historic and environmental aspects of the Cemetery.
Bedford Borough Council

54% Cemeteries
Browser does not support script. Cemeteries Bereavement Services manage two cemeteries - Bedford Cemetery Foster Hill Road and Norse Road Cemetery. Any memorials that are identified as being unstable, owners of the graves/memorials will be contacted in writing.
Bedford Borough Council

54% Bereavement Services
Bereavement Services Welcome to the home page of Bereavement Services at Bedford Borough Council. We offer impartial help, support and guidance on all aspects of bereavement including memorialisation. Staff at the site are always ready to give conducted tours of the Crematorium and Cemetery.
Bedford Borough Council


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