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Service: Building alterations   

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96% Do I need planning permission?
Browser does not support script. If you need assistance calculating your fee please call 01234 718068). b) It is not affected by an Article 4 Direction which restricts permitted development rights. This application can potentially take up to 8 weeks for a decision and will cost 192.50.
Bedford Borough Council

96% Planning Application Forms
Browser does not support script. Please note that conservation area consent is only required to demolish a building / structure which is bigger than 115 cubic metres OR if a fence or wall is to be removed. if the works relate to a householder application the usual fee would be 172 therefore the fee for the certificate would be 86.
Bedford Borough Council

71% What is Planning
Browser does not support script. This can take the form of commenting on planning applications, responding to a consultation on a particular planning document or reporting breaches of planning law and policy.
Bedford Borough Council

69% Prior Notifications
Browser does not support script. Change Of Use To Residential Prior Notifications The Government has also relaxed the Use Classes Order to allow changes of use to residential to take place without the need for full planning permission. Change of use from an agricultural building to a state funded school or registered nursery.
Bedford Borough Council

67% Minerals and Waste Applications
Browser does not support script. Minerals and Waste Applications Making and submitting an application To apply you can do any of the following:. Minerals and Waste application forms and validation advice Application forms and the corresponding validation checklist can be found below. Application Form (C1) . 9.
Bedford Borough Council

64% Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)
Browser does not support script. Development given consent under permitted development rights and implemented after that date may also be liable to pay CIL. Form 1 - Assumption of Liability: the person(s) responsible for paying CIL must send us an Assumption of Liability Form before commencement.
Bedford Borough Council

62% Heritage Planning Advice
Browser does not support script. Heritage Statements A Heritage Statement should be submitted with any application within designated conservation areas, registered historic parks or gardens, or affecting known archaeological sites, and also with applications for Listed Building Consent or Conservation Area Consent.
Bedford Borough Council

54% Planning Enforcement
Browser does not support script. The Government has created a website where permitted development questions can be answered. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?. To make a formal complaint about a high hedge please click here .
Bedford Borough Council

45% Apply for Planning Permission
Browser does not support script. How to carry out a history search on a property. For full Community Infrastructure Levy guidance please click here. To view the upcoming committee agenda or review past agendas and minutes please click on the link below:.
Bedford Borough Council

35% 16 - 31 May 2016
Browser does not support script. Have you purchased a skills licence with any training company for the upcoming year? Can you please provide me with the total number of sites the contract covers? 16/6/16.
Bedford Borough Council


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