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Service: Building alterations   

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96% Planning Application Forms
Browser does not support script. Application for Outline Planning Permission with all matters reserved. 16. Application for approval of details reserved by condition Town and Country Planning Act 1990 & Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990.
Bedford Borough Council

71% What is Planning
Browser does not support script. This can take the form of commenting on planning applications, responding to a consultation on a particular planning document or reporting breaches of planning law and policy.
Bedford Borough Council

69% Prior Notifications
Browser does not support script. (There is no charge for this notification). (The fee for these notifications is 96). An e-mail with the site address, the current use of the building, the intended use for the building and the proposed start / opening date must be sent to planning@bedford.gov.uk There is no charge for this notification.
Bedford Borough Council

67% Minerals and Waste Applications
Browser does not support script. Minerals and Waste Applications Making and submitting an application To apply you can do any of the following:. Minerals and Waste application forms and validation advice Application forms and the corresponding validation checklist can be found below. Application Form (C1) . 9.
Bedford Borough Council

62% Heritage Planning Advice
Browser does not support script. Please note the following points before submitting a request and checking permitted development here : A full detailed description of the proposed development is required along with any plans, photographs, supporting statements etc. Matters set out in the statement should be clearly identified at an appropriate level of detail in the submitted survey and proposal...
Bedford Borough Council

62% Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)
Browser does not support script. The borough will continue to use S106 agreements to secure affordable housing from residential developments and essential site specific mitigation from residential and other types of development that are needed to enable developments to proceed. Mandatory relief is available for:.
Bedford Borough Council

54% Do I need planning permission?
Browser does not support script. Check what is Permitted Development on the link to the interactive guides below. This must not be a screen dump or copy from any website. Minerals & Waste pre-application advice form.
Bedford Borough Council

41% Hosted By Bedford Borough Council: The Gate Public House Harrowden
The Gate Public House Harrowden The Gate at Harrowden about 1925 [WL800/2]. In the 1930s the name of the establishment seems to have changed from the Gate to the Hanging Gate and this may be connected to a change of ownership.
Bedfordshire County Council (Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and

37% Planning Enforcement
Browser does not support script. Permitted development means that certain developments can be built without the need for full planning permission. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?. To make a formal complaint about a high hedge please click here.
Bedford Borough Council

35% 16 - 31 May 2016
You are here: Home Page > Council and Democracy > Data Protection, FOI & EIR > Freedom of Information > FOI and EIR Disclosure Log > 16 - 31 May 2016. Can you please provide me with the total number of sites the contract covers?
Bedford Borough Council Frequently Asked Questions


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