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Service: Bonfires   

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84% Bonfires
Browser does not support script. This notice may mean your neighbour must stop having bonfires completely. Piles of garden waste are often used as a refuge by animals, so look out for hibernating wildlife and sleeping pets.
Bedford Borough Council

75% Dark Smoke
Browser does not support script. Listen to this page We use cookies, please read our privacy policy for further information Welcome to Bedford Borough Council Advanced Search Site Map Contact Us Help Our Services A - Z : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Main Menu Home Page Environment and Planning Pollution Air Quality Bonfires Dark Smoke You are here: Home Page >...
Bedford Borough Council

49% Pollution Information
Browser does not support script. BONFIRES - information on bonfires and smoke LIGHT - information on light pollution ODOUR - information on odour and smells AIR QUALITY - information on air quality and pollution prevention & control.
Bedford Borough Council

30% Environmental Health and Trading Standards
Environmental Health and Trading Standards Welcome to the home page of Environmental Health & Trading Standards at Bedford Borough Council. Please choose one of our links below to learn more about what we can do to help you, or contact us on (01234) 718099 or by email ehadmin@bedford.gov.uk or click here for 'who do I contact if.
Bedford Borough Council

26% Air Quality
Browser does not support script. Air Quality Air is essential to life. Local Air Quality Management, Monitoring, Review and Assessment. Related Links Environmental Health Health and Safety Legal Disclaimer Privacy Policy Accessibility Statement Statistics Copyright 2018 Bedford Borough Council - all other trademarks are acknowledged as belonging to their respective owners.
Bedford Borough Council

13% Fireworks Advice info
Browser does not support script. There will also be random checks to make sure retailers are not selling fireworks to under 18s. This is a safety concern as few people have access to that amount of private space.
Bedford Borough Council

PDF documents
26% [PDF] 'who do I contact if...?'
Who do I contact if. The Regulatory Services group deals with a wide variety of regulatory functions that require well trained and competent officers to carry out the appropriate inspection, investigation, advisory and enforcement role often required in complex situations. We aim to provide a high quality, customer focused service that ensures appropriate legislative standards are being met and...
Bedford Borough Council

24% [PDF] Click here to view the Planning Enforcement Plan
1 Appendix 1 PLANNING ENFORCEMENT PLAN Planning Services Environment & Sustainable Communities Directorate 2014 2 Contents 1 The aim of the Plann ing Enforcement Plan 2 Council Policy 3 Planning controls 4 Council Enforcement Duty 5 How planning controls will be enforced 6 Prioritization & management 7 Equality and Diversity Appendix 1 Enforcement Powers Appendix 2 Categories of...
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