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88% Archaeology
Browser does not support script. However, any further discussions on existing pre-application cases or new requests for briefs submitted after the 1st April 2014, will be charged in accordance with a scale of fees recently agreed by the Council. For further information and advice on this topic please contact one of the Council's Historic Environment Team:.
Bedford Borough Council

79% Historic Environment Record
Browser does not support script. Historic Environment Countryside Advice to Landowners and Farmers The landscape of Bedford Borough is the product of thousands of years of human activity and is rich in sites of archaeological and historic interest.
Bedford Borough Council

73% Archaeology in the Community
Archaeology in the Community / / Archaeology in Schools. It is an integral part of the National Curriculum, for Key Stage 2 History, but it is relevant at all stages of the History curriculum. contact Hester Cooper-Reade.
69% Services
Services / / / / / / / / / / . If you need to complete an Environmental Impact Assessment, Albion can provide the archaeological/ heritage element working closely with other professionals on the consultancy team. Excavation can be costly and time-consuming, but if well-managed and professionally carried out the process will run to programme and budget.
62% Early Prehistoric sites
Look at other projects: \ \. This was the first time that a Neolithic cursus has been excavated in Bedfordshire, using modern archaeological techniques. Bronze Age beaker. Buckden Quarry, Cambs A ditch enclosing a tree-root hole may have been the site of a Bronze Age tree cult.
62% Bedford Castle
Look at other projects: / / . Nothing was found of the buildings which once crowned the high point of the castle, but we did get pottery dating from the late 11th century, when the castle was built. inside the icehouse.
54% Heritage Planning Advice
Browser does not support script. Heritage Statements A Heritage Statement should be submitted with any application within designated conservation areas, registered historic parks or gardens, or affecting known archaeological sites, and also with applications for Listed Building Consent or Conservation Area Consent.
Bedford Borough Council

43% Oakley Road, Clapham
Look at other projects: / / . Iron Age Farmers Archaeologists discovered that, from the late Iron Age period, some 2300 years ago, the area was divided into a series of land parcels bounded by ditches. Associated with the enclosures was a carefully constructed T-shaped oven.
39% Activity sessions
Browser does not support script. Toys of the Past Discuss the differences between modern and older toys as we demonstrate some toys of the past. Explore objects in our gallery and decide which are 'treasures'.
Cecil Higgins Art Gallery

39% Albion Archaeology
About Us. With expert staff and a client-focused approach, we are able to deliver high quality archaeological work, offering value for money and a commitment to work with the client to ensure minimum delay and disruption. Wherever possible we hold open days on our major excavations.

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