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Service: Accidents at work   

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98% Accidents at Work
Browser does not support script. However, should accidents occur, they must have arrangements in place to deal with them, and to identify the causes. Deaths Major injuries Certain dangerous occurrences Certain occupational diseases .
Bedford Borough Council

88% Accident Reporting
Browser does not support script. What must I report? More information and a full list of reportable injuries can be found from the Health and Safety Executive - Reportable injuries. Related Links Business Advice Citizens Advice Bureau Housing Advice Licensing and Street Trading Pest Control Pollution Rubbish Waste & Recycling Trading Standards Legal Disclaimer Privacy Policy Accessibility...
Bedford Borough Council

86% Workplace Health
Browser does not support script. Type of accident. 8. These include:. 3) The Regulatory Services team is open to working with all relevant partners and stakeholders to achieve joint outcomes including the HSE, other enforcing agencies e.g. What are the unmet needs/service gaps?
Bedford Borough Council

67% First Aid
Browser does not support script. It is important that they are able to receive immediate attention if the situation is serious, and that there are arrangements for calling an ambulance if necessary. You should select people who can be relied upon in an emergency, and you must allow them time to undertake the training.
Bedford Borough Council

15% Enforcement Authorities
Browser does not support script. Enforcement Authorities Responsibility for the enforcement of Health and Safety Legislation is shared between the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Local Authorities (District or Borough Councils). Following up complaints (for example from a concerned employee);
Bedford Borough Council

15% Information for New Teachers
Browser does not support script. Salaries are paid monthly and each school must provide an annual statement to teachers as to their salary level. (A list of Branch Secretaries is at Appendix 1). The Borough Council's equal opportunity policy statement is in the Personnel Handbook at Chapter 2, Section 2.
Bedford Borough Council

15% Environmental Health and Trading Standards
Environmental Health and Trading Standards Welcome to the home page of Environmental Health & Trading Standards at Bedford Borough Council. Please choose one of our links below to learn more about what we can do to help you, or contact us on (01234) 718099 or by email ehadmin@bedford.gov.uk or click here for 'who do I contact if.
Bedford Borough Council

13% Health and Safety at Work Statement
Browser does not support script. Browser does not support script. All employees have a duty to take responsible care for themselves and others and to co-operate with management to enable the Borough Council to comply with its duties.
Bedford Borough Council

11% Hosted By Bedford Borough Council: 87 to 97 Woodside Road
87 to 97 Woodside Road 87 to 97 Woodside Road March 2012. This was about seven a.m. His condition was such that he was accompanied there by Dr. The Rating and Valuation Act 1925 specified that every building and piece of land in the country was to be assessed to determine its rateable value.
Bedfordshire County Council (Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and

3% Young People at Work
Browser does not support script. Young People at Work Young people, particularly those who are new to the workplace are at increased risk of injury. This may include prohibiting young people from certain activities or tasks.
Bedford Borough Council


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